Oakwood Cemetery is home to many great trees and now you can enjoy a self-guided tour through some of these. With the help of Syracuse Community Geography program, we have prepared this interactive map that can be viewed on computer or smart phone by CLICKING HERE.

Tree Trail

In 2020, board member, Hilary Donohue created a self-guided tree trail.


Hilary identified 20 unique trees throughout Oakwood Cemetery and has installed name plaques on each tree to help you find and identify the trees.


The plaques were purchased by HOCPA thanks to your generous donations that fund our mission and projects such as this.


You can review photographs of the trees below and also a map of the trail.


Happy Hunting!

Our Initiatives

Highlighting Civil War Veterans

HOCPA is honoring Civil War veterans by making sure they have a marker.

Rehabilitation of the Silsbee Chapel

The 1879 mortuary chapel has been an icon in Oakwood Cemetery for well over 100 years.

Reintroduction of Rare Trees

HOCPA is participating in two projects to reintroduce historic trees to the cemetery.