Historic Oakwood Cemetery Preservation Association

Founded to preserve, promote and protect Oakwood Cemetery, its abundant natural resources, its rich cultural and historic heritage, and to aid in maintaining and restoring the buildings, statuary, monuments, and grounds.

Our Story

The Historic Oakwood Cemetery Preservation Association was founded as an all volunteer organization in 1991.  From its inception members were involved in helping to maintain the nearly 160 acres located adjacent to Syracuse University, in raising funds to repair damaged monuments, and in providing public tours of what is in actuality a wonderful outdoor museum.


HOCPA, working with the cemetery board of directors, has been a very active organization. HOCPA publishes a semi-annual newsletter describing their activities.  They organize clean up days in the spring (called “Scour the Past”) when members and non-members volunteer time to undo the ravages of winter.  In 1992 they began a series of guided tours, offered monthly from May through September. Oakwood Cemetery was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991 through the monumental efforts of HOCPA.

The Silsbee Chapel in Oakwood Cemetery during Spring

Our Initiatives

Highlighting Civil War Veterans

An ongoing effort to identify and honor all military veterans.

Rehabilitation of the Silsbee Chapel

The 1879 mortuary chapel has been an icon in Oakwood for well over 100 years.

Reintroduction of Rare Trees

HOCPA is participating in two projects to reintroduce historic trees to the cemetery.

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