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Lillian Oakwood Gardner headstone

$10  Lillian Oakwood Gardner Level

Lillian was the infant daughter of George Gardner, the first superintendent of Oakwood. She was born in 1863 in the Superintendent’s cottage, but lived only 10 months. She is buried in Section 4, Lot 107 with her parents and two siblings.

Elias W. Leavenworth

$25  Elias W. Leavenworth Level

Elias Leavenworth, known as the “Father of Oakwood Cemetery,” was one of its founders, and its first President. He was also twice Mayor of Syracuse, and served in the U.S. Congress.

Herbert H. Franklin

$50  Herbert H. Franklin Level

H. H. Franklin was the founder of the Franklin Automobile Company producing the first air-cooled automobile engine in 1902.

James J. Belden

$75  James J. Belden Level

James J. Belden, a former congressman and mayor, was for 36 years a trustee of Oakwood. He donated the funds to build the entrance arch and the cemetery’s greenhouses.

Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage

$100  Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage

Mrs. Sage was the widow of Wall Street tycoon, Russell Sage. When he died, she became one of the wealthiest women in America. She then devoted her life to philanthropy.

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We have an amazing outdoor museum that we wish to share with those that don’t realize what is in our midst.  By becoming a sponsor you will contribute to the ongoing work that volunteers do to preserve the monuments that highlight our residents and continue the projects outlined in our initiatives page. Join us.

Sponsorship Levels

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Vintage photo of Oakwood Cemetery's Silsbee Chapel

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