G.A.R. plot in Oakwood Cemetery

Civil War Census Project

HOCPA is honoring Civil War veterans by making sure they have a marker.
The sentinel monument looking over the G.A.R. plot in Oakwood Cemetery

The Sentinel

stands watch over the 231 grave sites in the G.A.R. plot in Oakwood Cemetery. An effort is underway to document every Civil War veteran in Oakwood.



HOCPA, along with members of the Onondaga County Civil War Round Table, Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, and Sons of Union Veterans, has located over 600 additional grave sites.



This census will enable us to see that every Civil War veteran is honored with a proper headstone.



To access the Civil War Census database, click here.

What Your Contribution Does

So far, nearly 80 veterans are without a headstone.  Although headstones are provided by The Department of Veterans Affairs free of charge, there is a cost to install them.  If you would like to help us honor these soldiers, click here.

Man standing in Oakwood Cemetery

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